Cinnamon Bun / Kanelbulle

Cinnamon Bun / Kanelbulle

Qualifying as one of the top classics in the top 10 is the “Kanelbulle”. With its roots in the 20’s this treat became a household bake in the 50’s once getting hold of ingredients got easier post the world war.

There is a lot of Swedish food to celebrate but there is nothing like our lovely cinnamon bun. Swedes can reminisce in the smell of freshly baked cinnamon buns from their childhood. If it wasn’t your mum (or dad) baking it, you might have experienced the smell at your grandmother’s or a friends place. And you knew, it soon will be time to sit down and have a fika with yummy warm cinnamon buns and a glass of milk.

There are heaps of different shapes and twists on the cinnamon bun. The classic one is filled with butter, sugar and cinnamon and have the shape of a spiral.

Cinnamon Bun day: 4th October
Fact: It's estimated that 7million buns are sold on the day and that 51% of the population eats one, or two.